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kumpulan dialog eunhae ^^

MySpace Who don’t love 2 most childish and dorky members in Super Junior… Eunhyuk and Donghae. Do you remember when they said this?

Eunhyuk : Anyeong haseyo (Hello)
Donghae : Anyeong haseyo (Hello)
Eunhyuk : Eunhae imnida (We’re Eunhae)
Donghae : Bwahahaha…

(Adonis Diary – Eunhyuk and Dongahe self cam)

Donghae and the ballerina pretend to get marriage (Donghae held her hand and pulled her with him)
Eunhyuk said, “I can’t accept this marriage!!”


When Eunhyuk and Donghae have to hit each other with plastic hammer…
Donghae : Do I have to hit him with this?
MC : Then what else would you hit him with?
Donghae : Can I hit him with my lips?

Super Junior Show Ep1

Eunhyuk : Donghae!
Donghae : What?
Eunhyuk : We’re not compatible! Let’s break up!
Donghae : Word hard will do, we can accommodate with each other.
Eunhyuk : I’m very happy till now.
Donghae : When you come down, I’ll punch you.

(Super Adonis Ep6)

Donghae : My Eunhyuk. Your skin is smooter when you shave.
Eunhyuk : No, what are you talking about
Donghae : You’re so pretty
Eunhyuk : Donghae, your eyes… It’s shines like the sky at night. When the stars are twinkling, it’s so beautiful.
Donghae : Really?
Eunhyuk : Yeah. Do you know why we had so much rain recently?
Donghae : I don’t know. Why?
Eunhyuk : It’s because you were daydreaming.
Donghae : What~~
Eunhyuk : Don’t do it again
Donghae : All right

Mini Drama Ep2

OMG! Are they trying to kill us, fangirl? MySpace Eunhae/Haehyuk is so cute!! MySpace


3 tanggapan untuk “kumpulan dialog eunhae ^^

  1. Haaaaaaahhhhh…..eunhae sarap!!!
    Ini yang buat postingan hapal banget sama dialog-dialognya ya. ckckckck…eunhae couple is real.

  2. huhh, SEBELLL~
    I’m going to Die!! LEE HYUK JAE is MINE!! MY ONLY MINE!!
    *tendang Hae ke segitiga bermuda*
    *dicincang ELFishy*
    bwahahahaha XD

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