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Donghae – ELLE.. I was so mesmerized by the pictures i forgot to post the interview

EG How was the photoshoot today? You looked nervous at first.
I think I was nervous because I didn’t do a photoshoot for a long time.  It was fun.

EG How do you feel acting for the first time through It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter?
First, I’m happy that I finally got the chance to act because I’ve wanting to do this for a long time.  I’m learning a lot while filming.  It feels like I debuted again.

EG But you feel less nervous than when you debuted as Super Junior, right?
No, when I’m singing there are other members that can supplement what I lack.  But when I’m acting, I’m alone that it’s more burdensome.  I guess I’ll gradually become more relaxed to enjoy this experience.

EG How does it feel watching yourself act on TV?
It’s really awkward.  But people say to me “it’s not bad to the point that you’ll get criticized.”  I’m thankful to the viewers because they complimented me on my acting.  I have to work hard!
EG You’ve met an honest and hardworking character as your first role.  When you first met the person Choi Wookgi, what did you think?
There were a lot of aspects that were similar to me such as family circumstances and the fact that the character is the youngest.  There were a lot of things I identified with.  But Choi Wookgi is a different person than me.  Acting was definitely difficult.

EG Is acting that’s difficult for you really fun?
Yes.  I really like it.

EG Do you like it more than the thrilling feeling you get when you stand on stage as a singer?
You get a response right away on stage.  It’s thrilling when I say hello and the fans scream.  But with acting, you are living another person’s life.  You have to become a different person to think and to live.  I don’t know how to express that feeling.  It’s just fun.

EG Currently, Super Junior is a popular group in Asia and you are an actor now.  Did you ever think that this could happen when you were a trainee?
I’ve always dreamed this.  I’ve dreamed of becoming a singer.  It happened.  I’ve dreamed of being popular.  It happened.  I’ve dreamed of acting.  It happened.

EG Listening to your story, you really are a happy person!
I’m a person who finds what he wants to do.  When I was young, even though the handball team told me that the team was full, I begged them to put me in the team.  So, I played handball for a year and then quit.  I wanted to play soccer.  So, I moved to a different school to play soccer.  After that, I thought I should just study.  But one day, I found a notice about SM trainee recruitment in the album that I bought.  Since then, my mind was already in SM.  I actually got in and they told me to come starting next week.  So, I became a trainee and then debuted as Super Junior.  I thought, “of course, we are going to be popular.”  But we weren’t popular.  We really worked hard because we had to survive.  We then became popular.  I didn’t think that we would receive this much love from other countries as well.

EG That one thing was something you never dreamed of.
Even though we didn’t do any overseas promotions, whenever we went to other countries, there would be lots of fans.  I think we have to return this huge love to the fans.  With albums, photo spreads, music videos and everything.  Because the fans want to feel a sense of intimacy from us, we always try to be close to our fans.  When we do a concert, we make it so that they can look into our eyes and hold our hands instead of watching us from afar.

EG Sorry Sorry must be a special song to Super Junior.  The song created Super Junior’s unique style and became popular all over Asia.
We’ve received the song when we didn’t decide on the third album’s title song yet.  It was composer Yoo Youngjin’s last track.  I remember it clearly.  I woke up and listened to the song and felt this is it.  Few of my members didn’t like it.  After the song was completed and we shot the music video, I really liked the song.  When the song became popular, sometimes, people would call us Sorry Sorry instead of Super Junior.  Sorry Sorry was number one in Taiwan for 38 weeks.  Our song was number one for a year.  I rode on a taxi once and became surprised because the taxi driver was listening to Sorry Sorry.

EG The members’ appearance in variety programs helped to increase Super Junior’s popularity.  But it also created a bias about Super Junior.
We tried to show various sides to us by appearing in variety programs and working as a trot group.  Since we appear whenever people turn on the TV, they might be sick of us.  But we still have a lot to show people.  I believe that if we act sincerely in music, acting, variety shows or whatever we do, people will think, “they work really hard.  I’m definitely going to watch the shows that they appear in.”  I want to hear from PDs or writers, “Whenever Super Junior’s on, it’s funny.  You have your own color.”  We want to get recognition from people in all fields.

EG How did you plan the trip to Italy that you took with the members last summer?
We decided that if we get a vacation, we would go to Europe.  That we would go on a trip together before the hyungs go to the army.  So, we went to Italy and there were fans even in there!  Italian fans that were in the airport helped us find our luggage and took us to the hotel.

EG Did anyone cause an accident during the trip?
There should be no accident.  Haha.   It was hard eating only pizza for 6 days.  It was okay for Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun because they like pizza.  Mostly, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun planned the trip and the rest of the members were grumbling and followed them.

EG Member Heechul who’s known for having a unique personality said in an interview, “I only follow what Donghae and Taeyeon say.” Is that true?
Heechul hyung really listens to what I say and accepts it.  My personality is that I have to say what’s on my mind and say what I think is wrong.  I’m the one who often tells those kind of things to the members.

EG I guess your role in the team is like an arbitrator.
Yes.  I have to do it.  Whenever an album comes out. (laughs)  I think about doing team activity enjoyably with the members before earning money as an individual.  I can’t survive without the members.  It’s more fun playing with the members than playing with a woman.  Ah, that doesn’t mean that I like men.

EG I suddenly thought of your appearance on Come to Play.  I was surprised by you openly courting Wonder Girls.
It looked liked that because of editing.  When I appear in a variety program, I get a desire to act more actively.

EG Are you actually aggressive when you meet a woman that you like?
Yes.  When I pick a person, I have to have her no matter what.

EG That’s great.  What do you think is the power behind Super Junior’s unity?
First, we’ve met a great leader.  A leader has to be good in order for that team to work well together.  Leeteuk hyung is really a great leader.  Other members are all innocent and listen to each other.  When a member says, “you did wrong,” no one argues back.  They all say, “really?  So, should I fix it?”  Well, with Heechul hyung, it’s okay because I’m responsible for him.  (laughs)

EG What do you do when get stressed out or get depressed?
I go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and just laugh.  Because if I get depressed, it’s only my loss.  I try to forget my sadness quickly.

EG Living as Super Junior for 5 years, did you ever regret or feel insecure being an idol or a celebrity?
Umm…There were times when I would feel lost and insecure.  But they were only worries.  If I’m prepared, there’s no need to feel insecure.  I have a positive attitude that I rarely think about those things.

EG Lastly, I’m curious about what you are dreaming right now.
To continue to work well in album promotion and act well so that we can be Super Junior until the end.  Letting all the world and not just Korea and Asia about the brand called Super Junior.

Source: Elle Korea
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
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