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Heechul Twitter Update

It’s been a while since we saw each other RT @defconn1 RT good job. Just came back from radio, but I wasn’t as pumped SM Concert in JAPAN has ended. Yeah Baby I’m going insane because my hair doesn’t grow http://twitpic.com/3tk3g5


My goal for facefat is Ryewook


There’s a picture of me and Yoona.. it looks kind of bad. Should I upload it or not http://yfrog.com/gyp5pmkj


I will upload~ Bully concept HeeBully & ImBully Ah, should I upload a really funny video of us playing kindergarten ㅋㅋ Space Big Star Hee, still a Goddess without any makeup Yoong* http://yfrog.com/h4ajspj

*short for Yoona of SNSD


[RT by Heedictator]

heedjyoungs: Youngstreet’s twitter has awoken from its deep sleep!!!! We will tell you variety of youngstreet’s news fast! Please send words that you want to say to Youngstreet, recommendations for Youngstreet, and ideas that you would like to recommend! Chunsang Chunha, YoungsDokjun!!*

*The original phrase is Chun sang Chunha, Yua Dok jun which means that there isn’t anything more precious that this. They replaced yua with Youngs, so it means that there isn’t anything in the world that is more precious than Youngs.


We don’t have any stories from people? ㅠㅠ Then let’s give up and move on to creating the stories @heedjyoungs


@pledisboss Damn, exactly ㅠㅠ I have more guy fans since I’ve cut my hair – As the time passes, the girl fans lessen and guy fans increase

*@pledisboss tweeted that Heechul shouldn’t have cut his hair.


Japanese is hard …… ㅠㅠ Oh yeah genius ㅋㅋ RT @skullhongにほんご むすかしい……ㅠㅠ *

*means Japanese is hard

@skullhongおまえは 弱い。*(NARUTO イタチ)*

*means “You’re weak”

** NARUTO weasel

Later Hongki responded that that was the only Japanese he knew.

*** I don’t know Japanese,so I am actually not sure of the Japanese translations.. sorry :(

Source: @Heedictator,
@pledisboss and

Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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