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[Pic] Lady Heehee at SS3 Singapore


Super Junior member Kim Heechul who dressed up a la Lady Gaga at the Super Show 3 Singapore has been trending topic within two hours since his appearance on stage. Heechul’ss performance is so funny because he dressed up like a unique singer from America and the jig-dancing to the rhythm of the Poker Face song.

Lady Hee Hee on stage

Heechul’s hair is styled like a giant shirt button also had horrendous Twitter, as to appear trending topic Button Hair. Unfortunately Button Hair lasted shorter than Lady Hee Hee.

To find out how he called the Super Show concert 3 is, see a few pictures below that are crowded in-retweet by Twitter users.

Lady Hee Hee is seducing Shinyounce

Lady Hee Hee is forcing ‘the single ladies’ to hug him!

Lady Hee Hee cartoon version

Source: Twitter, Chibi Usurela, Heechul.cn
Written by: dearmarintan for hallyucafe.wordpress.com

Reupload & Posted by: starkarz (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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2 tanggapan untuk “[Pic] Lady Heehee at SS3 Singapore

    1. setujuuuuuuuuuu…
      jadi inget ff 1001 wajah heenim nya indah eon…
      Heechul bener” pny 1001 wajah yak?! hahaha

      oppa oh oppa… knp kau begitu cantik… bahkan yeodongsaengmu ini kalah canrik… hikshiks T_T

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