Diposkan pada Serba-Serbi SuJu

Conclusion: Follow @goodwillbeats

Random I was asked by a fellow ELF to post this ~~@AlRiseSilver, so I am xD – uksujusid

On Monday 31st January 2011, @HeeZica said:

Dear @goodwillbeats,

We Super Junior Fans (ELFs) are good at making deals ;)
We will give you your 6000 followers and you follow the SJ members (even though I don’t know why xD … but I guess because they are a must follow people and it will make us feel proud)Here are their accounts:











P.S. This is not a “Twitter Trade”, this is just to show that ELFs are the most powerful fan-base ever.. we make good deals where we get what we want and we give you what you want :D

Good luck with the followers list… we hope you reach 6000 followers soon



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