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[Video] a Song To ELF


Numpang nge-share ~ “A Song To E.L.F.” ciptaan  Yoo Young-Jin, komposer jenius lagu – lagu SM. Tapi yang menyanyikan lagu ini bukan SJ melainkan Yoo Young JIn sendiri, anak SJ cuma didaulat menjadi model MV-nya ><

This song dedicated a world most biggest fanclub the ELF

My girls My angel

First met five years ago, already fell in love, Baby

No matter where I go, you like standing next to me like a shadow

Love, Sometimes there is too much to prove

When I have pain and losing my temper, she will stay with me

*Baby baby baby baby baby We should not separate

Oh my lady lady lady lady lady I really love you

Shwaty shwaty shwaty shwaty shawty only choose you

My tears and that little smile come from you

I’ll let you worry about too much, so you look like older, don’t say a lot about this kind of words

No matter how this world for me to see, absolutely no more people beautiful than you (don’t say a lot about this kind of words)

I don’t know why you can say with me

I didn’t do a lot of things for you, I’m sorry

Now, I will do more for you



Credit: Starjunior.wordpress.com


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